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Are you looking for a new black hoodie? You will be able to shop popular brands and retailers to find all the best deals on black hoodies for men, women and children all right here on sale - all in one place. This is the place to keep on top of one of the best fashion trends for adults and teens alike. Black has always been in, whether it's just to keep a slimming look (as everyone is aware, black is slimming) or to add an air of mystery to your attire. Really becoming popular with the onslaught of poker tourney's, sporting a black hoodie is becoming more main stream these days whether it's to head to the gym or get a quick run in, or simply look stylish and casual about town.

Men's Black Hoodies

Southpole Men Southpole Men's Truth & Liberty SP Full Zip Hoody

Modern Culture Men Modern Culture Men's Marled Hoody Sweatshirt

Quiksilver Men Quiksilver Men's Cohort Hoodie

80% cotton / 20% polyester
Puma Mens Contrast Hoody Puma Mens Contrast Hoody

Full zip fleece hooded jacket
Ecko Unltd. Young Men Ecko Unltd. Young Men's Rhino Core Thermal Hoody

Double hood with rhino and ecko unltd across chest
Bravado Young Mens Led Zeppelin Man With Lantern Zip-up Hoodie Bravado Young Mens Led Zeppelin Man With Lantern Zip-up Hoodie

Led zeppelin men's zip-up hoodie on 100% cotton.

Womens Black Hoodie

FULL TILT Nautical Star Womens Black Hoodie FULL TILT Nautical Star Womens Black Hoodie

Drawstring hood. Kangaroo pockets. Long sleeve.
Hooded Pullover Sweat Shirt by Gildan Hooded Pullover Sweat Shirt by Gildan

These hoody's are awsome!
Puma Womens Black Zip Hoodie Puma Womens Black Zip Hoodie

Contrast hood lining and drawcord
Fox Debris Womens Hoodie - Black Fox Debris Womens Hoodie - Black

Large button tabs cover a zippered placket.
Calvin Klein Performance Womens Rugby Striped Hoodie Calvin Klein Performance Womens Rugby Striped Hoodie

Classic style hoody jacket with an enduring rugby stripe
Element Coraline Hooded Pullover Sweatshirt for Women - Black Element Coraline Hooded Pullover Sweatshirt for Women - Black

Stay comfy in subtle style

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Most people have a staple item in their wardrobe that gets a lot of wear. For some people it is a pair of shoes or boots, for others it is a favorite pair of jeans or their most comfortable pair of sweatpants. Then there is the sweatshirt. The oversized sweatshirt that once had a college logo on it that is now illegible and unrecognizable.

Therefore, the question is…. what is the staple item that everyone should have in their wardrobe. Is it the designer jeans, the expensive boots? How about the black hoodie? You heard correctly, the hoodie sweatshirt that both men and women have or should we say could have in their wardrobe. It doesn’t have to be the grand $90 hoodie although it could be, but my most comfortable one actually came from Wal-Mart for about $25. Black cotton fleece hoodie and I simply love putting it on. It’s so dang comfortable. But you don’t have to get yours there, all kinds of stores sell them and all types of people wear them. No matter your body type, your height, or your sense of style, a hoodie sweatshirt is simply a staple that should be in everyone’s closet that can be used for basically all occasions.

The best thing about the black hoodie is that they can all be different. They can be adorned with rhinestones, designed with logos, school names, sports teams, favorite cola’s, favorite bands, college schools, heck even prep schools. They can be oversized, fitted, over the head or zip up. It is up to you. There are so many out there to choose from that it is a fashion statement all on its own.

black hoodieThink about the hoodie as part of the male wardrobe. It could be worn with jeans and accompanied by a cotton t-shirt underneath or it can be worn with a pair of drawstring, open bottomed sweatpants while working out at the gym. The hoodie looks great on a summer night over a tank top or sleeveless shirt while wearing lacrosse shorts and flip-flops. It is also great for those chilly fall nights when walking home from work through the city. Throw it on over a dress shirt and slacks, loosen the tie and turn a stiff work suit into a casual bar outfit. It is the item to leave in you locker, throw on your back seat or leave in your office.
Now let us talk about the role of the black hoodie in a woman’s wardrobe. The uses are similar. If you sport the fitted hoodie, it looks great with a pair of sweats, or Capri style running pants. Throw it on over shorts and a tank while walking on the boardwalk or get yourself a thin knit black hoodie to wear on those chilly nights over your sleeveless shirt and flowing skirt. If you want to dress it up a little in the fall, how about purchasing a nice Marino wool or cashmere black zip up hoodie. This can be worn over just about any outfit. Dress it up with a string of pearls or dress it down slightly unzipped with a fitted tank.

The black hoodie is a must have for both men and women. It is like a chameleon. It will adapt to anyone’s sense of style for any place and at any time.


A plain black hoodie should be a part of everyone’s wardrobe. When you look at some of the reasons why, you will surely decide that every member of your family needs at least one.

First, a plain black hoodie is appropriate for persons of all ages. Little children and their grandparents, and every age group in between, love this product. Even the trendiest teens and fashion-conscious ladies agree that this is one must-have item and I bet if you take a look around you’ll see more than you realize. There are very few types of clothing that have such a widespread appeal, you’ll even catch the celeb’s sporting hoodies. From Jay-Z on his Hangar Tour, Spencer Pratt, Rob Dyrdek, Mila Kunas and Robert Patterson to name a few that get caught in photo’s all the time with a hoodie.

Second, it coordinates well with nearly every type of outfit. From the most casual day wear to a light covering for your evening outfit; it is the perfect, stylish touch. Whether you are looking for something to wear to school or to the office, it is a winner for nearly every occasion.

Third, it is exactly the right accessory for most seasons. It provides just the right amount of warmth on cool spring and autumn days, as well as nights during the summer months. You may even decide that it is great to layer with your favorite winter clothing. For those cooler temperatures, you can throw your t-shirt on, slap on a pullover hoodie on top of that, and grab the heavier winter coat on top of that. Then you can still use the hood to keep the wind and the cold off your ears. Unlike jackets, which may be too warm, or too light to provide the amount of warmth you need, it is just right to wear throughout the year. Your plain black hoodie will keep you cozy and comfortable in nearly any kind of weather. You may already have a wide variety of jackets. This one addition will simplify your wardrobe, and be the one that you choose each and every time.

When you are looking for the perfect gift, a hoodie can definitely make the grade simply because of their popularity. As everyone loves them, they are appropriate for everyone on your gift list. Even the person who is hardest to buy presents for will be delighted. It is a gift that is practical and fun at the same time. When you are buying one for yourself, think of all of the gift-giving opportunities that are coming up in the future. You will not have to worry about giving someone a gift that he or she does not like, as every recipient is sure to be pleased. You can be almost certain that it will be the one gift that will never be returned or exchanged, unless you got one that’s way too small or to large.

There are not many kinds of clothing which offer so much. You may have had the experience of buying a jacket for yourself, and almost immediately deciding that it is not right for you. The material, style, or something else was all wrong. You will never have this problem again if you select a plain black hoodie. As there are a number of different kinds, you can easily match your own personal tastes and preferences. You might like the standard cotton, or a really soft fleece, or even a different material. Whichever you prefer, it is easy to find exactly what you want, and be completely delighted with your purchase. A plain black hoodie is an essential addition to every wardrobe. It is the one product that you will love wearing day after day and for many years to come.


As every man is an individual, you will be surprised to find one product that every man you know will love. The mens black hoodie is widely popular today for many reasons.

When you think of all the men you know, you will find men of all ages, and from many walks of life. You might think that it is impossible for one kind of jacket to be equally suitable for them all. As soon as you make giving a mens black hoodie to every man on your gift list, you will be pleased to see how receptive each is to this popular jacket.

The young men may be into sports, dating, or simply hanging out with his friends and going to concerts and such. This is the one item that is a must have for all these activities. It is as appropriate to wear to a ballgame as it is for a night on the town with their friends just hanging at the movies. While it is stylish enough for all of these activities, it is also nicely warm and will still keep them looking great. The young men on your gift list can enjoy their entire time outdoors in complete comfort. It will give them just enough protection against inclement weather, yet without the bulk of other kinds of jackets.

Many men today spend much of their time out in the business world. For some, this includes waiting at bus stops or driving to work or just escaping the office for a quick bite to eat. His morning and evening commutes will be much more pleasant when he has something light to wear. He can go out to lunch when it is a little ugly and cool out, yet not be bothered by less than ideal weather. Whether he wears a business suit or casual work clothes, a black hoodie is the perfect way to stay warm and comfortable.

Most men today also enjoy a number of outdoor activities during their free time. He may like to participate in recreational sports like softball or soccer or even bowling. He may enjoy just going for a jog or bike riding. You might have one that’s more of an outdoor enthusiast that likes to go camping a lot. Whatever type of dude he may be, an active lifestyle requires lightweight outerwear that is neither too heavy nor too bulky to be lugging around. Having a mens black hoodie could be the ideal solution for any situation for that active man. Cotton hoodies can be found in a variety of weights and thicknesses. He can have the exact amount of warmth he needs for every activity and every type of weather.

You will also find that many men prefer simplicity and ease in fashion. They do not want to waste time trying to decide which color or style goes with what they are wearing. Some men find it hard enough just to pick out the right matching socks much less something that is going to be visibly seen by anyone they come in contact with that day. You don’t really have to worry about that with black as black is an attractive, neutral shade, it will coordinate with just about everything in his wardrobe. The style is simple and basic, yet very fashionable, so he will never feel over-dressed or under-dressed for whatever the occasion may be.

Husbands, fathers, and male friends all need nice jackets. Businessmen and students all have busy daily schedules and free-time activities. No matter how individual they are, they all have something in common. They want to look good, and they want to be comfortable. A mens black hoodie is the one gift that is equally suited for every man on your gift list. However, you do not need a holiday or special occasion to give him one, sometimes giving somebody something just because is one of the nicest things that can ever be done. How would it make you feel if you received something just because you are you!